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Taytoman Agonistes
Thursday, February 02, 2006
I promised original content, did I? Well, it seems that it will be more like the following, shamelessly ripped off a more original blogger.

seamus sweeney wrote:
Dear Barrister Balogun,
OH thank you ! Thank you. This is the opportunity I have been waiting for.
I am very sorry to hear of the death of Martins Max. He sounds like a nice man. I hope you are not too sad or distressed at his departure from this life. In my country, we have saying, "good man in this life, good man live in the afterlife." It is true.
I would be so so honoured to be a participant in the only scheme suitable for his memory - taking the money from his account. As his next of kin, my mourning for Martins Max is beyond measure, and this money is the only thing that will assauge it.
One flaw only - I have had a bad experience. this was with a man called Robin Teacher Smith-Pallady. He is a banker, with Bank of Africa. In Lagos. He approached me after the tragic death of Mr Alan Michaels, of England, in a plane crash, with his entire family. Tragically his enormous bank account lay there for some years, just like as with Martins Max. I volunteered to rectify this when Robin Teacher Smith-Pallady approached me. Then however, when I had given bank details and a sum of money, he disappeared from my life.
My trusting nature means I will definitely undertake some kind of venture of this kind again. But first I need proof. I need proof of trust. Mr Bar_Ola1@yahoo.com, I need to have about United States Dollars $5000 in cash, before I can provide the necessary. I would be very grateful for same. Reply now, and in utter confidence, for I will not trust you otherwise.
I am again sorry for the death of Max Martins.
Dr medss@yahoo.com

Barrister Balogun Olaniran,
Balogun Chambers ,
Plot 225 Queens Avenue,
Victoria Island,
Dear Friend,
I am Barrister Balogun Olaniran of Balogun Chambers and Associate. I am the
financial lawyer to the late Mr Martins Max from Stuttgart, Germany. Martins
Max was ana oil merchant with estment in the leading oil in Africa. He
invested in lifting oil from Niger delta in Nigeria to other countries where
he sales it. He was the highest shareholder in Shell petroleum Bp in 1994.
Martins Max met his untimely death via plane crash in the 2002. I was
contacted as his lawyer by the board of director, GLOBAL LINKS SECURITIES
LTD to look for the relative of late Mr. Martins Max to enable them transfer
the accumulated share dividend of his investment with the GLOBAL LINKS
SECURITIES LTD. It is about two years now. I made some research about the
relatives of Mr Martins Max and discorvered through some DNA reports that
some other two passengers in the same plane happend to be his wife and only
daughter Cynthia Martins Max who also died along with him in the crash.
I am contacting you so that both of us can reach an agreement to enable you
act as his next of kin and claim the fund of course they will believe me
because I am his financial lawyer untill his death and I have all his
business documents with me.I would have use someone from here for the
purpose but the fact that late Martins Max is a white man made it impossible
for me to present a black man as his next of kin which of course, the GLOBAL
LINKS SECURITIES LTD will not honour.
All the document will be validated in your name and shall be drafted by me
to include your name in an application which be forwarded to the GLOBAL
LINKS SECURITIES LTD for the claims. The money is just USD18.Million
dollars. I will personally monitor the progress of the transaction as your
lawyer. After we succeed in transfering the money into your account, we will
give some
portion of the money to charity home in your country and then share the
remaining in the ratio 70% to 30% between you and I. If you are willing to
work with me in this regard, please, forward to me through this email
1. Your full name and contact address
2. Your phone and fax number (cell phone)
Thanks and God bless you.
Best Regards,
Barr. raymond lawrence
(SAN) (L.B Hons) B.L PhD

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